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Research Your Competition
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When you are contemplating selling your home it is important to know the inventory in your local market. When buyers are looking for their dream home they are looking for properties that give them the best return on their investment. They are comparison shopping and they are making decisions on what houses they want to see personally. With 91% of buyers searching actively on the internet for their home you need to see what they are looking at and how they are going about their home shopping.

Take a look at your competition. Do they offer the amenities you have? Are they providing a home warranty? Are they including certain appliances in the contract? Are they priced competitively against yours? The secret to a successful sale is knowing your competition on the market. This will allow you to know how to get buyers to your door first and compel them to put in an offer on your home.


Would you like me to develop a competition analysis for you? Let me do the research and provide you with insight on what homes are on the market and how yours compares.

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